Hanukah Menorah wavy triangle


Original design of a handmade bronze Hanukah Menorah wavy triangle, shaped as a contemporary wavy triangle with two tone bronze finish colors( orange tone and yellow) based on a bronze base. Hanukah Menorah wavy triangle made by Y. Eithan, each item he sculptures, is one of a kind. He does not repeat his designs.

Dimension 11 cm X 38 cm X 32 cm approximately.

Sculpture expresses what your eyes and imagination sees, but in three dimensions. The artist can use any material to carve and shape in manually or with the help of machines and tools. There are artists who prefer the modelling of clay or wax to get their statue done. There is no restriction as how you get your sculpture done, either by carving wood or stone or any metal or by  casting. There are sculpture that are made as a unique and one of a kind, therefore their price hikes up according to the artist’s reputation.

The other option is to use a mold for repetitions of the same piece and sell  many copies.

The sculpture size varies from monumental huge size , to miniature minuscule figurine size.

Stone sculpture, lasts best during ages, not like metal statues which are more vulnerable and perishable to rust effects. In ancient times, the use of sculptures was mainly for religious aspects. In the near East they made statue representing the God they worshiped. The use of statues as a decor and a piece of art stated with the upraising Greek power at that time. The Christian era followed by using the great fine sculpture in the religious aspect of decorating churches and monasteries.

The next variation took place at the Renaissance era led by Michelangelo.

Nowadays, the fine art sculptures varies in style, from modern contemporary to very primitive designs. Enjoy exploring the variety of statues in our site.