Silver Necklace in jewelry making did not start today. It started way long ago in humankind history.  Silver necklace was part of its development to ornate Women neck with a lucrative artistic design.  Also by time it was used in religious ceremonies and magics. From there too , there was an influence of the ceremony on the look of the necklace, such as animal teeth or leather etc.

At the very beginning, it was a kind of leather chain or plant twigs made as a chin holding the pendant. Later they used metal to form a sturdier chain and more elaborate design. Afterwards the necklace made a part of the chain itself. It did not take a long time until artists were demanded to create a more magnificent necklace than the neighbor had already acquired.  Jewelers added gem stones and invested creativity to this market. Precious stones and semi precious came along the precious metals used such as silver gold and platinum.

In museums all over the globe, one might see the jewelry used in prehistoric time up to ancient middle East Mesopotamia and Egypt. You can see the Greek touch and the Roman afterwards on that industry. During the middle ages, necklaces were mostly for religious purposes and especially the Christian faith. The renaissance widened the modern necklaces demand by drafting a greater demand for jewelry and necklace for men too.

Today the jewelry making is unlimited to imagination, and the use of material to make the necklace you desire. The use of plastic and cloth instead of metal is common. The only thing that matters is ingenuity of imagination.