Havdalah Spice box

Havdalah in Hebrew means “separation” is a Jewish ceremony that ends the Shabbat time and starts the new week. This Jewish  ritual needs lighting a special havdalah candle with 3 wicks at least. A blessing for the wine cup and the smelling of spices. By tradition , the myrtle plant is the most preferable for havdalah . The Shabbat ends on Saturday night after the one can perceive   three stars in the sky.  Some adherents add a delay of the separation  the Havdalah in order to prolong their joy of Shabbat.

Spice box or container, often store the dried spice cloves or any local dried spice in a box. In order to beautify and honor the ritual utensils, many artists created all sorts of wine cups, spice boxes and Havdalah candle holders. As a result of that there are some made in wood , silver ceramic and many different metals.  So they did too , a braided havdalah candle with many patterns and colors as long as it has at least 3 wicks.

Havdalah is intended to require a person to use all five senses. Hold the cup, smelling the spices, see the candle’s flame, hear the blessing recitation and taste the wine. 

The participants have to do 3 actions once the blessing of candle is said. It is customary holding your hands up to  candle , feel its warmth , gaze at the reflection of  light in  fingernails. 

Once the ceremony is over, you you pour the leftover wine to extinguish the flame.

Now the entire family may chant the song “Eliahu Hanavi” or “Hamavdil ben Kodesh”

Now you may make up your mind and choose the havdalah set you like and Shavua’ tov or Gute vokh