Hanukah Menorah silver stone brass ceramic.

The word Menorah means in Hebrew a stand lamp or lightning.

In the holy bible G-D commanded Moses to create a Menorah with seven branches to be lit seven days of the week. Precise details were given of how it has to be , pure cast gold, with rings and flower designs. The Menorah was at the temple sanctuary. The Cohen Gadol (great priest was due to lit it every week, and the pure virgin olive oil was sufficient for the entire week.

No one was allowed to enter the sanctuary except the priests. The Romans conquered the Holyland and entered the sanctuary , by doing that , they disacrated the pure oil for the Menorah. After the Hashmonay family fought back the Romans and freed the country from their hold, the entered the Jerusalem temple and found only one pure oil jar. The miracle was that the oil was sufficient for eight days of joyful ceremonies. From then and on , every Jew all over the world celebrates Hanuka by lighting the Menora eight days. That was the start of using Hanukah Menorah or as it is called in modern Hebrew Hanukia. The Hanukah Menorah consists of eight branches and a ninth one as a servant to light with the other daily candles.

During the two past millenniums ,craftsmen designed and created different styles of  Hanukah Menorah silver stone brass ceramic. Some created monumental ones from Jerusalem stones, other honered the religious article by creating a silver or gold menorahs. The less exorbitant made them from copper. tin , brass and ceramic.