Rings Silver And Gold is an ornament worn around a finger.  In time that term was adapted also on other parts of the body such as ear rings, neck rings , arm rings and toe rings. A much wider dimension ring was the arm bangles shaped like a traditional finger ring but for the arm.

In history and archeology one might find different designs and purposes for the ring such as , marriage, power, seal and religious matters. The material used were of wide range and mostly of what was abundant like bones, stone, wood, glass and different kinds of metal.  The next stage of jewelry making rings, jewelers diverted the simple round metal band and have added designed shapes and stones semi precious and precious. Rings are nowadays a symbol of wealth and prestigious. Rings Silver And Gold have some symbolic functions , such as marriage bonding, considered achievements, organization membership and authority status.

The placement of the ring differ in each society, but the most common is ring finger on the left hand saved for engagement and wedding rings. That is backed by a belief that a vein in the ring finger left hand is directly connected to the heart.

Seal rings and authority rings are worn on the left pinky finger.

Birthstones rings are worn on the right hand finger.

Each culture has a typical local ring for its beliefs and culture. They usually have a name given and a spiritual or mental purpose. That makes the jewelry ring history very difficult because of the diversified and wide variety of styles and beliefs.