Silver Gold Pins Brooches Variety originals handmade.

Silver Gold Pins Brooches were a female décor over generation on coats or served as a holder of shawls . There are so many different designs and styles of the jewelry making. Some have just the precious metal design and others are set with a beautiful gem. Each pin brooch  had to match the clothing the lady wore at that particular moment. It was mostly made from metal , silver or gold, or hard material. The Silver Gold Pins Brooches gains its color from colorful gemstones or enamel.

The earliest known pin is from ancient times bronze ages. During the middle ages, they were making metal cast of pins and brooches. One can find different styles of brooches from the German to the English and French styles. During the past 200 years, there was a tremendous revolution in the jewelry designs and especially in pins. The brooch is not only to hold clothing but it is a jewelry item to add on the dress. The Russian added their fabulous cloisonné enamel and the Italians added the repousse , engravings in the metal. The filigree fine silver or gold wires , added another aspect of culture to the Jewelry designing.