Rosh Hashana Succoth

The Jewish new year has many religious ceremonies and holidays. It starts with the new year two days of prayers and meals and the Shofar blowing. On the Rosh Hashana evening we use to eat honey as to start the new year with sweetness.  Yom kippur is the following holiday with the 24 hours fast , a whole day of atonement prayers. Succoth is the following holiday in which we live in a temporary hut outdoors for seven days . The eight day is Simkas Torah.

Sukkot is one of the three holiday a devoted Jew has to fulfill G-D’s demand  One has to come and celebrate it with his beloveds and the rest of the Jewish people in Jerusalem. The eternal holly city Jerusalem and the famous temple where the Cohanim manage daily ceremonies as inscribed in the bible.Sukkot is a seven days long which a Jew has to live in the Sukkah ( tabernacle ). It comes five days after Yom Kippur. Sukkot is also the feast announcing the beginning of the harvest season. The gathering of the Jews has to be during the feast of Sukkoth with a lot of Joyce and good happy spirit.

The pilgrims coming have to have the four different species (arbaa minim) , palm leaf ,citron , myrtle branch and willow branch. These four species attached together symbolizes the unity of the Jewish people. Everyone is accepted the orthodox observant , the secular and the conservative one. All are one unity with different fashion of observance.