Ceramic Dish Ulshanski Queen


Ceramic Dish Ulshanski Queen handmade. An original handmade glazed ceramic dish with a queen face.  Ulshanski has done a high quality glazed ceramic dish with a queen face.

Dimension diameter 37.5 cm approximately.











The use of ceramic, clay and pottery dates from ancient time over 20000 years ago. By time it has had a lot of development such as drawings , engravings and gazed ceramic. One can trace these improvements in the pottery industry , through archaeology findings all over the world. Each society donated its culture fingerprints like the Greeks, Romans, Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt. Today many creative artists adopted the pottery and ceramic field by creating sculptures, ornate dishes, tiles and many more. All over the world ceramicist open their studios and create new products.

The art of glazed ceramic tiles is dated back to the Egyptian culture in the Middle East, the earliest evidence of ceramic tile dates back 4,700 BCE. There are followers of that amazing and colorful design in Assyria and Babylon; back to the 7th Century BCE.
The Islamic and followed by the Persians revived and developed the art using more updated material and technique . One of the inventions was the use of glazing the tiles without affecting the painting under it during the burning in the furnace, The art of tiling evolved much later in the European countries and the rest of the world , becoming popular in Europe during the eleventh century.

Mosaic flooring and panels was a must in rich house of eminences and powerful people and Christian churches and monasteries. Then much later it was used by the wealthy to decorate and beautify their homes. The Spanish and Italians and the Netherlands made their designs each one by their own tastes and expressed their culture through the tile .


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