Vintage camel water canteen


Vintage camel water canteen copper from the Middle East. Handmade copper silver plated vintage camel water canteen 19th century Qajar Middle Eastern. The artist has skillfully engraved his signature and floral & domestic animals ( rabbits and camels) designs all around Dish. It has an iron chain to hang the canteen on camel back. Unfortunately the hook is missing a part due to age and use.

Dimension    30 cm X 15 cm X 11 cm approximately.

After the stone ages, mankind found a great use of metal. Such as copper dishes for daily use and many more instruments. The use of copper . brass. iron , silver and gold started as soon as the metal was found. There were abundant metal to find and make use of them. As time passed there was a great progress in producing a large variety of good and also in their designs. Each civilization introduced their knowledge and demand for the product. That is the flavor given to these items from their natal neighborhood. Vintage Middle East Dishes are found all over the world with their cultural finger prints. One can find Vintage Middle East Dishes from Egypt , Turkey , Lebanon , Israel and all over the middle East with different local variants  like hand hammering, silver or gold inlaid designs.