Torah Pointer Spice Box


Handmade vintage sterling silver Yad Torah pointer spice box holder made in Israel 1960’s. Sterling silver Yad Torah pointer spice box holder with handmade Yemenite filigree designs.

Dimension 38 cm X 4.5 cm approximately.

Original handmade Sterling silver Torah Yad pointer.  The Torah Yad pointer is is a mean to indicate the reader which part is read without touching the writings. Torah Yad pointer prevents damaging the hand written Holy Torah scroll. By time it has developed in creating unusual design as to honor the holy reading of the Torah. Therefore if you wish to have your own Torah Yad pointer design made ,  contact Y.SH.GHATAN.  Once you send your own sketch for a Torah Yad pointer to be made, I will be make to your satisfaction. Your participation in designing & choosing the metal is a pleasure for the silversmith. I can make it for you in sterling silver and the price will be according the metal used and Yad size. I will not charge for engraving names in Hebrew on Torah pointer by order .

The main use of the Torah Yad pointer is in pointing out letters. Moreover  it ensures that the parchment is not touched by the reader’s finger during the reading. The parchment is fragile and often is easily damaged by finger touch. Moreover, the parchment does not absorb ink so touching the scroll with fingers will damage it. Once the Torah reading is over, the Torah Yad pointer is hung on the Mantle . A yad can be made of any number of materials, Sterling silver wood brass and glass.The most common is sterling silver with different filigree designs. The yad is often shaped like a long rod,and at the end a small hand with its index finger pointing from it. In some cases there are combination of silver wood and brass together.You can also order a Bar or Bat Mitzva Torah Yad pointer with the kid’s name engraved in Hebrew .Hence your satisfaction of the item made is our logo for the past 50 years.

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