Sterling Silver Tefillin Covers


Sterling silver Tefillin covers hand made by order by S. Ghatan. Handmade sterling silver Tefillin covers with a décor of people holding hands for prayer all together. The photos joined are of a set for right hand Tefillin. You can order also for left hand as well ( need 6 weeks time to make).

Dimension  base 8 cm X 6cm . cube 4 cm X 4 cm X 4 cm approximately.

Tallit And Tallit Holders handmade.

Tallit And Tallit Holders custom made handmade by order.

The Tallit is a prayer shawl worn during the morning service by the Jewish religion.  The Torah has commanded the adherent Jew to cover himself with a four cornered wool cloth with four knotted fringes hanging out from each corner. By the Torah the preferable cloth should be lamb wool, but not necessary.  The tallit task is to remind the wearer of the six hundred thirteen deeds commanded in the Torah. By wearing daily the tallit or tallit katan, one refrains commiting sins. By the Tarah tradition, one starts wearing the Tallit katan since kindergarten, the debate regards on when you start covering yourself with the Tallit Gadol. By the Sephardi tradition it start since your Bar-Mitzva. The Ashkenazi tradition it starts once one get married and his new wife buys him the Tallit Gadol. There are too arguments as of how one does the knotted wool fringes. There is a distinctive difference between the Ashkenazi knotts compared to the Sephardi or Yemenite knotts. At ancient times , they added a blue fringe to the knotted fringe. Now no one can for sure point out what is the source of the blue color, and how they colored the blue fringe.

In modern time, it is often used to use the new Tallit as a canopy during the wedding service. And similarly during Simchat Torah right at the end of Succoth to gather under it the children for reading the Torah.

At the end of life, the Tallit Gadol is used to cover the corps until it has been put in earth, then it is pulled out and given back to the family.



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