Menorah Pendant Sterling Silver



Menorah Pendant Sterling Silver handmade. Handmade huge Menorah pendant sterling silver with Yemenite filigree base.

Dimension 3.5 cm X 2.1 cm X 0.5 cm approximately.

The Menorah (A lighting lamp in Hebrew) has been described in the bible as a seven branch lighting lamps. Moses got precise details as how to create this holy menorah  and its function in the temple. It was made from pure fine gold with special flower ornaments on it.

After the destruction of the holly temple in Jerusalem , the Menorah has vanished. There are many legends over its fate such as its in the Vatican cellars and also another legend says it has been melted for its gold. After the destruction of the temple, Jewish sages have forbidden making a seven branch menorah for use. The common menorah made today is the nine branches made for the Hanukah feast.

Since then, it has been described by scholars and art designers in may different shapes all found in archaeology diggings. Nowadays you can find a wide range of traditional seven branch Menorah as well as contemporary designs made for candle lighting or even jewelry.