Silver Opal Hay Pendant


Sterling silver Opal Hay pendant & square snake chain . The silver Opal Hay pendant is silver with 14 carat gold on top & set with opalite. Dimension chain length 44 cm , Hay 1.5 cm X 1.3 cm X0.4 cm approximately.

Chai חי the Hebrew word alive are used as a visual symbol for long life wish.

It was used as amulets in 18th century Eastern Europe.  Chai as a symbol It all started in medieval Spain. Letters in the Jewish faith have a mystical influence.

It was used in the Talmud studies as well as the whole Torah verses to be learned.  The Jewish commentaries have given an extended  learnings over the way an adherent Jew should live. Even the Kabbala set some illumination over that issue.

One can find a wide variety of Judaica silver pendants in silver , gold and other cheaper materials. There are designs for women ,men and children different sizes to suit every desire.

Star of David is known in Hebrew Magen David  or the Shield of David is a generally recognized symbol of modern  Jewish identity and Judaism.  Its shape is made by 2 triangles  forming a hexagram, combination of two  equilateral triangles.  The star of David has been adapted into a variety of many culture, but in different meanings. There are as well Chai or Hay symbol of long life in Hebrew or Mezuzah pendant and Hamsa, Chamsa pendants, protection against against the evil eye.

Nowadays it is symbolizing the state of Israel’s flag since the first Zionist congress in 1897. Before that it was used in Christianity to decorate churches in medieval time. Only later 19th century it has been used by eastern European Jewish communities as their Jewish symbol.