Silver Mezuzah Pendant Vintage


Sterling silver Mezuzah pendant vintage handmade. Handmade sterling silver Mezuzah pendant vintage made in early 1950’s in Israel.

Dimension 0.9 cm X 0.5 cm X 3.1 cm approximately.

Mezuzah is literary a doorpost on where an adherent Jew posts a case comprising a piece of  klaf which is a parchment containing a specific verses from the Torah – Deuteronomy  6:4-9 and 11:13-21.  Usually that parchment handwritten by a qualified scribe and rolled in parchment and protected by a case. These verses are the well known Jewish prayer beginning with the phrase: Shema Israel …”Hear, O Israel, the Lord (is) our God, the Lord is One”. The orthodox Jews do affix a Mezuzah to the doorpost of Jewish homes to fulfill the fulfill the Mitzva ( deed) of posting it on your home Door. By Jewish tradition it should be posted at least on the main entrance door to your home. Some more religious Jews do have them on every doorway in their home, except bathrooms  .The main rule is to affix on doorways which are a living space. Spaces such as laundry rooms and closets, are exempted.  The verses are written in special black ink with a qualified quill pen made either from a feather .

Nowadays , you have wide variety of Mezuzah cases. There are handmade from sterling silver , wood , ceramic , Jerusalem stones and cheaper materials.

You should hang a mezuzah on just about every doorway that belongs to you. Notable exceptions are doors leading to bathrooms , small closets and not living spaces.

The mezuzah should be hung on the right side of the door, on the top third of the doorway. The mezuzah should be right-side up, and slanted so that the top of the mezuzah faces inwards towards the room.

Also you can find Mezuzah made in the jewelry business. Many jewelers have created fascinating designs of silver or gold pendants.


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