Passover Haroset Dish Blue


Passover Haroset dish blue ceramic handmade. Contemporary style Passover Haroset dish blue Ceramic triangle shape blue & white colors.

Dimension 9.7 cm X X 7.7 cm approximately.

Charosetharoset, or charoses (Hebrewחֲרֽוֹסֶת‬ [ḥărōset]) is a sweet, dark-colored paste made of fruits and nuts eaten at the Passover Seder. Its color and texture are meant to recall mortar (or mud used to make adobe bricks) which the Israelites used when they were enslaved in Ancient Egypt as mentioned in Tractate Pesahim (page 116a) of the Talmud, which says ” The word “charoset” comes from the Hebrew word cheres — חרס — “clay.”

Charoset is one of the symbolic foods on the Passover Seder Plate. After reciting the blessings, and eating a matzah “Hillel sandwich”(with two matzot) combining charoset and maror, the remainder is often eaten plain, spread on matzah.


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