Mouth Blown Glass Sculpture


Mouth Blown Glass Sculpture . Handmade and mouth blown glass sculpture by Borisov. A Jewish housewife lighting the Sabbath candles.

He used a fine raw layer of Jerusalem stone as base.

Mouth blowing glass is a technique that traces up to the ancient Phoneticians 3000 years ago. One had to melt a mass of glass, and with the use of a tube blow in it and form the required design. Since those times , there were many improvement in creating a wide range of beautiful products. Nowadays an artist can acquire easily and high quality glass and tubes to perform his skills perfectly . He can easily melt the raw glass  and keep the temperature under control while he is forming his art craft. He keeps shaping it by rolling it over and over on a marver until the final required shape .

Dimension 7.7 cm X 10.7 cm X 10.5 cm approximately.