Matzah Dish Stainless Sunflower


Matzah Dish Stainless Sunflower handmade. Passover Pesah Matzah Dish Stainless Sunflower Stainless Steel by Schwartz with signature & numbered. It has a matching Passover dish on my website as well.

Dimension 27 cm X 27 cm X 5.5 cm approximately.

Matzomatzah, or matza (Yiddishמצה‎ matsohHebrewמַצָּה‬ matsa; plural matzotmatzos of European Jews dialect) is unleavened flatbread. It is an integral element of the Pesah festival, during which chametz is forbidden. Because of the rushing out of slavery, Jews had not time to prepare their bread. Jews avoid food made from wheat, barley, rye, oats or spelt hat has had time to rise or has leavened. Instead, they consume matzo (also known as matza or matzah), the traditional unleavened flatbread. Matza is the substitute for bread one of the symbols of Passover .Each of the six items arranged on the plate has special significance to the retelling of the story of Passover . Passover is the evening ceremony celebrating the exodus from Egypt which is the focus of this ritual meal. A seventh symbolic item used during the meal — the three matzos — is not considered part of the seder plate proper.The Seder plate is the main item that is present on every Passover evening ceremony . It is advisable by sages to honorate the ceremony with most venerable dish accessible. There are made  sterling silver ornate dishes , also ceramic or glass. It has on it the ceremonial foods around which the Seder is based on. Matzah, the zeroa (shankbone), egg, bitter herbs, charoset paste and karpas vegetable. The special foods we eat on Passover are also food for thought. Every item on the Seder plate has a  meaning and hints spiritualism and not just merely a food festival. Each of the foods has reason why it is included, how  prepare it, and its role in the Seder meal.  These 8 days celebration of Passover is rich in symbolic foods and culinary traditions like many of the Jewish holidays.   It is served in addition to many delicious Kosher for Passover recipes.


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