Hoshen Breast Plate Crystals


Pendant sterling silver Hoshen breast plate crystals bears colored crystals stones symbolizing the twelve tribes of Israel. The pendant Hoshen breast plate crystals is handmade sterling silver set with colored crystal  stones. They are representing the actual real stones ruby, garnet opal, white sapphire, onyx, agate, lapis’ lazuli, yellow topaz, emerald, diamond, amethyst and a coral stones.

Dimension 2.9 cm X 2.8 cm X 0.2 cm approximately.

The Hoshen breast plate was set with 12 different colors stones representing the 12 tribes of Israel. The Jewish High Priest wears this holly garment while practicing his tasks at the Temple.

The Hoshen also had as spiritual task of showing the Israelites the right judgement to act in times of debates. Another aspect of the Hoshen is the atonement on for the sins committed by the children of Israel.

Each stone was bearing engraved the name of the tribe it represented.

Contemporary silver pendants consists of a variety range of subjects such as abstract designs , classic style, religious topic and many more ideas. David star known in Hebrew Magen David  or the Shield of David is a generally recognized symbol of modern  Jewish identity and Judaism.  Its shape is made by 2 triangles  forming a hexagram, combination of two  equilateral triangles.  The star of David has been adapted into a variety of many culture, but in different meanings.

Nowadays it is symbolizing the state of Israel’s flag since the first Zionist congress in 1897. Before that it was used in Christianity to decorate churches in medieval time. Only later 19th century it has been used by eastern European Jewish communities as their Jewish symbol.

The Zohar (Kabbalah) gives a spiritual explanation as for the star of David triangles. The first triangle has the connection of G-D , Torah and The sons of Israel.  The second triangle is reflected by G-D , the study of Torah and the study of the Zohar. By doing these learning the Torah and the Zohar you approach yourself to G-D.

The fact that in a triangle each of The three corners of the triangles are connected with each other .  It demonstrates that the Jewish soul is itself knotted to G‑d Through the Torah study and observance. By that connection between the Jew and G‑d and the Torah study it merely brings it to light.

Contemporary silver pendants sometimes I can make them in 14 carat gold by request. So before deciding , please converse with me by mail and I can let you know ahead if it is possible.