Gold Pendant Roman Square


14 Carat Gold Pendant Roman Square. 14 carat gold square pendant  handmade set with ancient Roman glass.

Dimension 1.8 cm X 2 cm X 0.4 cm approximately.

Roman Glass 14 Carat Gold Pendant has started in Israel early 1950’s with the emigration of silversmiths from the diaspora.Their were abundant amounts of broken antique Roman glass which these jewelers took advantage and used them for their objects.

It is well known that in ancient times some 3000 ago, the glass industry has evolved in the middle east . Some presumptions are that it started with the Phoenicians up north in the Lebanon area. That glass industry had drastically grown up as the Roman empire conquered the whole middle east. The Roman Empire created a big demand of these glass products for its own sake and use.

There was a demand for artistically made high quality glassware, and the local population could supply as there were enough sands to use for the glass factories.  They established more factories around Jerusalem and the whole Mediterranean .

After generations of fighting and destruction over the Holy Land, starting with the Greeks and the Persians and other conquerors of that piece of land, all you find under earth are debris of antiquities.

Now all antiquities that are found in perfect condition are for collections,but most of the damaged and broken are sold to jewellers for their artifacts. Some jewllers make necklaces rings or earings, others make pendants and much more to their imagination.

Another effect due to age is the patina coloring over the glass that was hidden under earth for at least 2000 years. Because of the rains and other effectors, the glass accumulated minerals over their surface figuring a new fabulous shades.

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