Filigree Round Gold Hay


Handmade 14 carat gold Filigree Round Gold Hay pendant. Handmade Yemenite Filigree Round Gold Hay elegant for ladies. Dimension diameter 1.7 X 0.1 cm approximately.

Hay or Chai literally means alive or living , but mostly meaning a wish for long life. By the Jewish religion, the world has been created with the help of Hebrew letters and words. This spiritual aspect has been repeated subsequently in the Talmud and later in the Kabbalah the Zohar.

The term Hay is repeatedly used in the Torah as a rule of  life. It commands you how to live according to the Jewish law. It is recommended in Leviticus and Deuteronomy as well. In brief the Jewish cultural lifestyle is the only way of living with a free spirit. Your spirit is focused on G-d who will take care of all his believers and will supply their needs. By believing so, one has his mind free of worries, for G-d is taking care of his life and needs. Most of the Jewish rituals are based on blessing the wine . The Jewish toast is L’Chayim” to life. There were many uses for the word Chai as the Hebrew numerical number 18, which is frequently used for donations. Adam  has used this term one he has called Eve in Hebrew Chaya “Alive”. The first female human being after Adam. So are called new born boys Hayim  “life”. Sometimes it is an addition name given to very sick people as a wish for life. It has been used too as an addition on amulets and consequently on jewelry as pendants and charms. These pendants were worn by Jews as a protection for long good life.

The term Chai Hay has been widely used by the media, like in songs or radio stations names. Nowadays even none Jewish use it as a pendant or charm.