Elaborate Stud Earrings Elat


14 Carat gold elaborate stud earrings Elat stones handmade.  Handmade 14 carat gold elaborate stud earrings Elat stones set with round cabochon Elat stones, semi precious stones found in Israel and cut out four gold clove leaf.   Dimension diameter 1.1 cm approximately.

Gold Earrings Coins Contemporary handmade original designs.

Earrings is another way to decorate a crucial part of your face vision. Either female or males, are now using it commonly for a daily use. The earing is a piece of jewelry made from different metals such as gold silver titanium platinum, plastic and so on.

In old time it used to differentiate slaves from free people so is quoted from the holy bible. The earrings designs are affected from each society and its culture. There are many archaeological findings showing people wearing earrings among many more jewelry.

Nowadays, everybody uses earrings and some use them as much as they can pierce their ear space.

In the modern era, it was introduced to the western countries through teenage girls in the 1950’s by piercing parties. In the 1960’s it evolved as the hippies and gay communities adopted the idea of body piercing. In the 1970’s even department stores were offering the ear piecing services in their doors budgeted by jewelry manufacturers. In 1980’s started a raising demand for men earrings designs . There was a need to create a new male earrings variety to match the new trend. At that point ear piercing and body piercing became very popular among civilization, and from there the wide range of styles material used and workmanship.

In the old time it was common to pierce baby girl ear from babyhood. At that time piercing was done with a needle. In modern time the use of ear piercing pistol is recommended for it is much less pain.




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