Daniel Lions Den Pendant


Sterling silver Daniel lions den pendant set in Magen David star. Handmade sterling silver Daniel lions den pendant Magen David star shape, where one can see Daniels praying G-D. Dimension 2.9 cm X 4.4 cm X 0.5 cm approximately.

The use of antique coins in jewelry making started some times in the 1950’s in Israel. There were an abundant quantity of broken Roman glass and antique coins as well found in many of the excavations in Israel. Unfortunately many of the beautiful glass pieces were found broken and many coins excessively rusted.  In ancient times, glass making industry, was in the Mediterranean countries , because of the presence of huge amount of sand. The Romans conquered the middle East and expanded the demand for glass. As a result, the industry expanded and produced different vessels for the rich communities.  Also they have made new methods how to make better and more subtle glass vessels like glass blowing system.  Until now , there are debates where the start of glass making started. Some assume it started in Phoenicia other say it began in much southern, in Judea. The most recent excavations hints that it started further to the east , in Mesopotamia. Nevertheless, it does not matter too much where it had started. The most important is that this invention has helped human kind a lot. During ages under earth, nature has colored those glass pieces with different kinds of minerals. The result of that mineral coverings, a beautiful colorful layer was created. There are not two pieces of Roman glasses alike as nature has drawn their colors personally. Some jewelers saw the potential in using an abundant low cost material in the jewelry making , and it succeeded more than expected. By today, because of the antiquity department restrictions, the price of real Roman glass has hiked up.

The jeweler frames the piece of glass skillfully so it does not break and he adds his own creativity to combine ancient time with modernity. There are earrings , necklaces, bracelets and rings in gold and silver with Roman glass pieces. One must not wash or bath or swim with jewelry containing Roman glass as water might wash the minerals off it.