Chamsa Wood and Metal


Hand painted Hamsa Chamsa wood and metal.

The artist has added to the hamsa Chamsa wood and metal two silver plated metal doves. Hamsa is considered in this era as an amulet to protect from the evil eye. The Hamsa prevents the evil entering to our homes and to affect our life.

Dimension 19.5 cm X 10 cm X 0.9 cm .

In Jewish spiritualism there is notable amount of use of the hand in amulets and manuscripts. It is being used mostly by Sephardi Jews in the past two centuries.. In the Torah there are many references to the “Hand of G-D”  ” Strong Hand” “Right Hand”.
During centuries there was an evolving jewelry industry to create Hamsa design for that purpose. The same was for wall decorations.
The Christian faith too has a connection to the Hamsa and well known as the hand of Mary or the Virgin Mary Hands.


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