Antique Bronze Age Sword


Antique bronze age sword long genuine.

Antique bronze age sword long genuine Bronze age 1000 BC found in the holy land Israel in a fine condition. It is supposed to harm the target as wide a wound as possible with a double side sharp lame, so the opponent be inactive and no active any more. Dimension 57 cm X 4.2 approximately.

The science of Archeology is a way to find facts of ancient artifacts and evidence of ancient cultures and civilization.

This is how we can learn about the most ancient civilization found in Mesopotamia , the Akkadians, the Egyptians and the Jewish kingdom.

Archeology helps to determine many evidences such as political powers and even religious beliefs.

During the 17th century  there was a great push to excavate antique sites to find answers for the eternal question ” who lived here before and who built these monuments”

. The trend was in England Stonehenge , Pompeii  in Italy and Egypt archaeological abundant sites and Greece.

Archeology helps to understand how society’s culture evolved and what aspects has occurred to affect the cultural progress or the how it ended in some cases. Archaeology provides the only means to learn of the existence and behaviors of people of the unknown past. It took time until civilization started to leave evidence of their past. There were human existence thousands of years ago , but no trace or clue of what they have done or achieved.

In modern time, and after many generations of archeological diggings all over the world, the archeologists have set specific rules as how to go for an excavation without damaging evidences. First to define the area , draw maps take photographs of the area to be excavated. Modern technology is implied like metal detectors and much more more developed technics.

Every day archeologists find a new hidden artifact to give an answer what was here before.

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