The Hebrew word Zedaka or Tsedakah derives from the root justice, to make justice with your brother needed. This action is mainly done by giving charity Zedaka Tsedakah box metal to help other not to fall as commanded in the bible. Help your brother before he might collapse. Do that with a warm heart and open hand generosity, that is an obligatory biblical command. Every one has to participate in the giving Zedaka Tsedakah box metal deed, even the poorest Jew. It is an action of education for every Jew to help each other in any matter possible. In times of calamity, this action might decree the consequences. By practicing the action of giving Zedaka Tsedakah  , one makes justice with his brother and is referred as Tsadik righteous person.

The highest recommendation of how to give a Zedaka Tsedakah ,is by giving it anonymously without the recipient being humiliated or know who has helped him.

In the Holly Bible there are many different ways of helping the needy people. As an agricultural society there were many different rules as how one harvest his field and what should he leave for the poor to collect by themselves without being ashamed or blamed for theft. This regulation were done to benefit both parts, the land owner doing his share, and the poor to survive without being ashamed.

Since ever, every community took care of collecting Zedaka Tsedakah from the whole congregation and to distribute it to the needy families without any kind of disgrace.

Every Jew is due to give ten percent’s of his net profit income to the communal treasury so there will be always a stream of cash to help, besides the whole hearted Zedaka Tsedakah giving’s.