Sabbath Kiddush Cup

Kiddush is the Hebrew word for  “sanctification ” . Every Jew has to sanctfy the Sabbath by saying on the Sabbath evening the tradional   blessing recited over the wine .By doing so, we  sanctify the Sabbath and Jewish holidays by G-D commandment.  In the holly Torah is a demand to remember and observe ( Shamor ve zachor) the Sabbath. The sages elaborated these rules by gathering 39 element forbidden activities which one must not do. You must remember them and be alert not doing them on the Sabbath. The Sabbath is a day for the soul, to get strength by learning the Torah and not be bothered by material matters.

It is forbidden to drink or eat anything from the Sabbath sundown until the Kiddush blessings are over. The same rule is applied to the morning ceremony.

In the past 3 millenniums, many artisans have created different kinds of goblets made from pottery, ceramic, blown glass, silver, brass and even gold. Each artisan is affected with his surrounding culture and also the raw material found in his area.

The amount of wine one must drink after the blessing differs. Some agree for the minimum of 90 ml and others the maximum of 161 ml. It is common after the person reciting the kiddush drinks from the wine, the rest of participants may sip from the remaining cup.